Using your hands (not a washcloth) and a mild fragrance free soap gently wash your tattoo with luke-warm water. We recommend washing twice a day or as required. Pat dry with a clean paper towel and leave it to air dry before applying any balm.

First avoid excessively and unnecessarily touching your new tattoo; in the early days of the healing process your tattoo is essentially an opened wound and is incredibly vulnerable to bacteria and germs.

After your tattoo is complete your artist will cover your new tattoo with cling film. This will be able to be removed after 2 – 4 hours, re-wrap with cling wrap if required when going to bed on the first night, no need to rebandage after this.

We recommend Dr Pickles Tattoo Balm, which is available here in the studio. It’s required for up to 14 days, but again determined by your individual healing time. Apply a very thin layer after you wash & dry your tattoo.

Do not pick, rub or scratch any scabs that may form or peel off flaky skin. This may invite serious infection, ink fallout, and scars may form. 

The aftercare protective film is a bandage that acts as another layer of skin to protect the wound that’s underneath it. In the first 24 hours, there may be a build-up of plasma under the bandage. This is completely normal. You may then opt to change the dressing, or remove it and start using an aftercare balm.

Application can vary between the artist and style of tattoo: If you were given a bandage to take home, it can be applied a few hours later or on the 2nd day. This is to allow excess plasma to dry before being re-covered. *Avoid replacing if you are producing excess plasma. Instead, wash the tattoo and gently pat dry with a paper towel (or air dry) and use aftercare balm.

To apply, expose the sticky side by peeling off the backing printed side. Smooth the bandage over the tattoo pushing out any air bubbles. Remove supportive clear backing by peeling it off and smoothing over skin. We do not recommend exceeding 5 days. When removing the second skin, take a shower and run warm water on the bandage to loosen the adhesive before pulling it off the tattoo. After you have removed the bandage, wash with a gentle, fragrance free soap and then pat dry with a clean paper towel and apply a thin layer of aftercare balm until the tattoo is fully healed.

– Do not heavily exercise for the first 48 hours

– Do not pick, rub or scratch any scabs or flakes that may form or peel off.

– Do not shave over your tattoo until it is fully healed

– Do not go swimming, soak in a bathtub or visit a sauna

– Do not remove any second skin dry – be sure to remove it under warm running water

– Do not expose your new tattoo to direct sunlight whilst it is healing, after it is healed apply SPF 50 Sunscreen to ensure the tattoo does not fade

– Do not use anything other than your hand to wash your tattoo

If infection occurs it will require a visit to the GP and some antibiotics. We are always here to check in with and give advice. Healing time frames vary from 4-6 weeks.

Some symptoms of infection you should keep your eye on include:

  • A rash
  • Pus or oozing for extended periods of time
  • Redness and radiating heat from the tattoo
  • Fever
  • Prolonged swelling
  • Hard or raised tissue

We offer a 3-month guarantee on our workmanship (except on hands and feet) with a free touch up. If you feel something’s not quite right, we are happy to further assist. Call us on 07 3397 3606. We will contact you  7 days and 30 days after your session to follow-up your healing.

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