Georgie Beable

Straight Outta …  First started talking about becoming a tattoo artist when she was 15/16, moved to Australia when she was 18 and wasn’t able to get into tattooing due to visa restrictions.

Originally from the Trossachs in Scotland, but have experienced life all over the UK including London and Leicestershire.

A young woman who has had a successful career as artist designing logos, album art, commissioned portraits, designed for a few clothing brands in the USA and Australia. If that wasn’t enough to achieve under the age of 23 she also illustrated a couple of kids books for a theme park in Devon called Watermouth Castle that you purchase in book stores all around the world.

Now Georgie is switching art mediums to a tattoo machine and skin. With a strong interest in black and grey, love for tattooing animals and have a very keen interest in portraits, also very interested in micro realism but open to most styles. Did I mention she’s big on Easy E? That’s why her first-ever portrait was of the American Rapper himself. First.ever.portrait but not the only and not her last, come and get yours!

Georgie’s Work

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