As a single dad the three most important things in my life are my boys, meeting people and tattooing. I love spending time with my sons.

I love tattooing! I’ve been tattooing for over twenty years now and have worked in studios from Brisbane to Adelaide. It’s been said that if you love your job you’ll never have to work again and I think that describes my situation perfectly.

My favourite style is Japanese but I enjoy all other styles and welcome the opportunity to tattoo you with your favourite image.

My main artistic goals are to create tattoos that you want, to keep learning, and hold a tattoo machine for as long as I can! I look forward to tattooing you soon.

Tony Oliver

I prefer to use Swashdrive Tattoo Machines and welcome questions from artists considering buying one. If you would like to discuss any aspect of the Swashdrive Tattoo machine please send me an e-mail or visit the Swashdrive website.

Tony’s Work

Cover Up’s & Re-work

Do you have an old tattoo that’s looking a little faded & blurry, you have options. Depending on the Tattoo you can have it covered up or reworked , here’s a few examples.

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